Data Processing Policy

SO FASHION SAS, identified with the NIT 900825893-6 and domiciled Carrera 47 # 66 - 11 of Itagüí is responsible for managing information generated through its channels: web pages, emails, social networks, distributors, among others.

The use of this information is done under the criteria of security, confidentiality and restricted communication; all dictated by the laws in force in Colombia.

Clients provide the information in several ways; Some of them are subscribing to the newsletter, sharing their information at the time of purchase or creating an account on the website. Also through social networks, emails, online chat or other channels arranged by SO FASHION SAS.

The client shares his information authorizing BJX FITWEAR voluntarily, prior, explicit, informed and unambiguous, to store and use his personal data, including biometric data, in order to link him as a client and especially to treat his personal data in the execution of contractual relationships generated, provide information and provide products, or changes that occur in them, evaluate the quality of these, perform statistical, commercial, strategic, financial and other analysis that concerns the corporate purpose of SO FASHION SAS , send to physical, electronic mail, cellular or mobile device, via text messages (SMS and / or MMS) or through any other analogous and / or digital means of communication, commercial, advertising or promotional information about products, events and / or promotions of a commercial nature, with the purpose of promoting, inviting, directing, executing, informing and, in general, carrying or campaigns, promotions or contests of a commercial or advertising nature, carried out by SO FASHION SAS and / or by third parties, consult credit / financial information and report to the credit bureaus that SO FASHION SAS. consider relevant for the relationship as a client, granting of credits, referrals and / or behavior report and / or failure to pay, transmit and / or assign my information to third parties for statistical, commercial, strategic and financial purposes, make commercial references that SO FASHION SAS. consider relevant for its maintenance, expansion and / or growth.

The client also confirms that they know their rights as the owner of the data supplied to SO FASHION SAS, especially the right to know, update, rectify and delete their personal information, as well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the processing of their data. personal, and that you can exercise these rights through the different channels of care arranged by SO FASHION SAS, according to what is established in its Personal Data Treatment Policy, which is known and is published on the website www.bjxfitwear .com

If you have any additional concerns, you can contact us at the following times: 6:30 a.m. at 4:30 p.m. The authorized service lines are 3726006 (Itagüí), cell + 57 305 433 2033 (also with WhatsApp) and email